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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why rent a private mailbox?
Trustworthy mail and package handling for one. You will enjoy a personal relationship with your store clerk. Call in Service: call us to check if you have any mail in your box and save a trip! We are one of the few private postal centers that take the time to notify you, in writing and by phone, of incoming packages that will not fit in your box.

What will my mailing address be?
For starters you get a street Marina del Rey address without a "P.O." in front of your box number. For example: Jane Doe 333 Washington Blvd. #2001 Marina del Rey, CA 90292-5136 Recent U.S. Postal Regulations stipulate clearly that only the "#" sign or pmb designation may be used before your box number in your mailing address. Suite, Box, Apt., Studio, Floor, No. and other creative designations are no longer allowable. Please take note of this.

I get a lot of mail. Can you accommodate me?
Although we encourage you picking up your mail regularly, junk mail, magazines, etc. will tend to fill the box up fairly quickly. Should this happen, we will put your mail in an overflow holding bin and leave a notice of mail overflow in your box. You will have to pick up your mail from the front counter.

I travel a lot. Can you get me my mail?
We have an excellent mail forwarding service. All you have to do is:
1) leave us a deposit covering the forwarding and shipping costs and
2) either fax, email or phone us with any address change you would like us to forward to.
You will receive a copy of your current forwarding ledger showing payments and account balance with each batch of forwarded mail.

Do you offer a fax service?
Yes. We have a Fax Customer Directory that lists your business and personal name. Should a fax come in with your name on the cover page, we will phone notify you of the received documents. There is no charge for fax phone notification.

What other services do you offer?
We offer a computer rental service that allows you to check your web-based email, copy files to disc, and word process documents. We have Word 2000, Publisher 2000 and an excellent resume program. We also offer a behind the counter black and white copy service.

Do you rent private mailboxes to businesses?
Yes. Many of our customers are small business owners who appreciate the convenient street address and flexible services we offer. Once again, we offer very personalized services that should make your mail pick up and shipping activities a pleasant experience.

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