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Handling/Accountability fee for customer's payment. Available from UPS and Federal Express only.
Package Storage
Daily charge 48hrs. after notification.
Mail Overflow
Daily storage charge after written notice. We do not notify you by phone. Customer is responsible for keeping his/her box clear and available for incoming sorted mail at all times.
Handling $2.00/each
Storage $1.00/day
Mail Forwarding
Recording, filing and handling fee per occurence.
Domestic $5.00
International $7.50
Late Payment
Due after 5 day grace period of the rental due date.
Filing and notification charge for returned check.
Key Replacement
Personal, business and commercial mailboxes.
Lock Replacement
Same charge for all mailbox sizes.
Private party delivery and pickup $3.00
Padlock Change $50.00
Agent / No key Pick up $3.00

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