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Mail Forwarding
Do You Have Homes in Different Cities?
Are You a Frequent Traveler?
Is It Important For You To Receive Your Mail?

How About Arranging a Safe, Secure Mail Forwarding Service?


Contrary to popular belief, Private Mail Forwarding Services are only available to customers who have rented a mailbox which includes filling out a 1583 form for the U.S. Post Office.

This form requires two forms of id:
1) identifying a person and
2) attaching his or her name to a home address.

If this form is being sent through the mail, it must be notarized. With the rising occurrences of mail fraud these necessities are clearly understandable.

In your web travels you might have noticed more than a few sites around the country offering mail forwarding services with no mention of filling out this U.S. Postal form or renting a private mailbox. Please note these operations are totally illegal, definitely to be avoided.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship with regards to the handling and forwarding of your mail, the correct procedure is as follows:

1. Rent a mailbox from a private mail-receiving agency that you feel comfortable with--i.e. atmosphere, staff attitude, neighborhood, available services etc.--filling out the required 1583 form for the Post Office as well as an in-house Mailbox Rental Agreement for the CMRA. It is important to have the mail service's operational procedures, etc. in writing for your reference.

2. Leave a sufficient forwarding deposit with your mail-receiving agency. This can be done in person or on the fly via the phone, fax or email by authorizing a credit card debit.

3. Since the Post Office does not forward mail from a CMRA, you must make specific arrangements with your agency to forward your mail. It is an easy procedure: just fill out a Forwarding Activity Ledger identifying the customer, box number and the forwarding address. A well designed form will also contain space for the initial deposit, future deposits and debited forwarding activities with their perspective dates. An efficient mail-receiving agency will include a photo copy of this ledger each time the mail is forwarded. The end result: you, the receiving customer, has the forwarding history and account balance right in hand with your mail.

Forms are in Adobe PDF format. Click HERE if you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

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